Monkey D. Luffy is literally the silliest one piece character ever and everyone is always like "oh but this is luffy we r talking about!!!" so what??? i love him so much and he's like my little eepy!!!! i luv luffy and so should you >:3

I remember first seeing luffy as an average anime character that i didn't pay attention to when i was younger, but as i grew older, my love grew constantly and now i luv him so much to be writing this about him lol :3

Luffy is very silly and omg hes even sillier in the one piece live action!!!! i love iƱaki for playing him in the opla!!!

if you also think luffy is silly consider checking out my other pages!!

other stuff about luffy... hmmmm lets see!! did u know luffy was born on childrens day :D? isnt that so silly !!!

i also see luffy as a golden doodle or a jack russel terrier

luffy is one of my top 3 favs btw!